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About us

Let’s start with a flashback

Martin Betzner founded his company in March 2012. After more than 25 years of experience in the fruit and vegetable trade, he believed that not only product safety and quality matters. Cooperation in partnership with both customers and producers should also be a focus of his work. In his opinion, this is the best way to guarantee quality and safety.

Fairness creates fairness.

During tight market situation, stable supplier relationships help to secure the supply of goods. The producer who knows for sure that he will be paid reliably, punctually and appropriately, will deliver the desired quality in the required quantity.


This is how we work

We're at least as fast as everyone else - also at least as flexible. And of course, food safety comes first. Otherwise we would not have been successful from the start.

However, we are particularly good at implementing individual customer requests almost immediately. Because we act as mediators between trade and production, with regular, direct contact with all parties.

We prefer personal conversations with our producers, look at the production conditions on site, intensively monitor compliance with food safety, also using our own controls.

Due to the close contact with our customers, producers, suppliers and also consumers we can always develop new ideas and permanently customize our services to the market.


Our approach to the environment

These are all reasons why we mainly market products from Europe. Another aspect is just as important to us is the delivery routes. Short delivery routes not only guarantee fresh products, they are also good for the environment.

Together with our suppliers, we are continuously working on more environmentally friendly packaging. From simply less to recyclable to compostable - depending on the product, technical development and customer requirements.

Just as we prefer suppliers who produce sustainably, it is important to us to permanently improve our own behaviour in terms of sustainability. Since 2014, we have only been working with 100% green electricity. Heating with our own solar system was installed in 2015. We now appreciate the train for business trips. But we are still working on the paperless office.







Who we are

The core team

Martin Betzner - Founder and Managing Director, responsible in particular for purchasing and sales. That is his passion.

Marion Emmerich - Much appreciated colleague, managing the back office, responsible for quality management.